Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Shining Example Of An "A" Paper

     I know that many of you have struggled with English, grammar and the writing of essays for your English classes in High School or college.  And although the debate rages on over what exactly constitutes "good writing", for me it has never been a mystery.  Following is a perfect example of an "A" paper written by one of my students many years back in one of my Beginning English classes:

     Mr. Rick Rivers is my English teacher.  He teaches at San Joaquin Delta College and he knows English, French (This stuff about French was fabricated by the student but he got some "points" for it anyway!), and Spanish. He speaks and reads these languages well.
     He is not a young man, but he is not old.  He is a good looking man, tall, but not too tall, handsome with dark-brown hair just beginning to gray.  He is always well dressed but quietly, in good taste.  He usually wears suits of dark-brown, dark-blue, or dark-gray.
     He speaks quietly and pleasantly, but there is strength under his quietness and every student in class knows this.  He is quiet and pleasant because he is strong and as the poem says "Strength is generally quiet; weakness is not."
     He reads a great many books and corrects all his students homework.   He works very late, sometimes till two in the morning, but generally he goes to bed about twelve o'clock (This was a lie too, but it sure sounded good).  He is a very good teacher at San Joaquin Delta College.
Sengthay Thao

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