Friday, February 27, 2009

Octomania: Messing With Mother Nature

The flap over the "Octomom" and her octuplets is just another ominous sign of where we have come to as a society. We Americans seem to think we have the right, morally or constitutionally to do anything we please. We will deal with the consequences later.

Nose too big, get a nose job.

Breasts too small, get implants.

Tummy sags? Get a tummy tuck.

Can't control your eating, get a stomach bypass.

Eyelids sag, get a Botox shot.

Bald? Get an implant.

Unwanted pregnancy? Get an abortion.

Can't concieve? Get an implant.

Too many wrinkles, get a face lift.
Eyes the wrong color? Get colored contacts.

Can't get it up? Viagra.

Can't get it down? Call your doctor immediately!!

Is there such a thing as a brain transplant?

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