Monday, February 23, 2009

I Love You: Love X 6

We have all heard the old sayings: "It's a small world" "What goes around, comes around." A few nights ago I watched a PBS documentary on the Degree of Six. I had heard of it before, but the show floored me.

It turns out that science has proven these addages to be true, that if you select any six people at random, and tell them to select another six, and those six, six more ad infinitum, the number of people contacted will quickly circle the world and come right back to someone who knows you!
Scientists are amazed at how quickly this happens. Most interesting is how these finding are being applied to many disciplines, especially the field of medicine, to explain how viruses are spread.
To test the concept, I am telling each reader of this post: "I LOVE YOU". Now, I want you to E-Mail SIX more people, telling each one "I LOVE YOU", and instructing them to send the message to SIX more etc. etc. etc. Meanwhile, I am cracking me a Bud and waiting to see how long the message will take to come back to me. Today is 2/23/2009 A.D.
I bought a 12-pak today, just in case it takes a little longer than I think. Please don't take too long, because I don't know how much longer the Bud will be on sale! (Note that a 12-pak is 2x6, a 24-pak 4x6, and a case 6x6) Isn't that just remarkable?

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Rick Rivers said...

I'm still waiting! This is taking much longer than I thought! Hmmmmm.
Maybe the theory is flawed! Any way I've got a couple of big trashbags full of empty cans and I'll be heading out to the recylcer
soon. It's a sad day when I have to publish my own comments to myself....