Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scandal: Princess Dumps Her Load!

Princess, our Chihuahua just gave birth to five pups. One was stillborn but four are alive and kickin'. She is close to ten years old, too old for this kind of stuff, but a couple of months ago we found her stuck to a neighbor's Chichuahua, shamelessly on a street corner for everybody to see!
"They're stuck! They're stuck together! Princess is stuck with another dog!!" The neighbors and kids shouted as we answered our door bell. All the kids and worried parents began running down the street.
"How do they get unstuck?" My neighbor's little daughter asked. How does one explain this to children? Do you have a birds-bees-n-pets talk with kids? "Oh, just leave them alone, they'll get unstuck in a few minutes", I said with authority, remembering how when I was a kid in the Barrio, the people would turn their hoses on the poor dogs! We left them and sure enough, about 20 minutes later, Princess came back home, her head hung in shame.
My son, Fernando acted as mid-wife (mid-husband?), along with my wife, and helped deliver them. He helped pull a couple of them out, cut some umbilical cords, and cleaned the pups. This is about her third litter and the first time any of her pups survived.
Chihuahuas, for sale cheap. Anybody?

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The world needs more chihuahuas...