Friday, March 6, 2009

America on Life Support?

Help, I am behind in my car payments.

My house is in foreclosure; it's worth less than its mortgage.

I have heart problems and no insurance.

I'm filing for bankruptcy.

I am pregnant with quadruplets.

My checks have bounced.

I'm getting laid off.

IRS is knockin' at my door.

My company is downsizing.

My bank has filed for Chapter Eleven.

My job is being outsourced overeas.

Credit cards are maxxed out.

I'm being phished and scammed.

My insurance company has just been bailed out.

My wife is leaving me.

My Chihuahua is pregnant again!


#167 Dad said...


LACorrales said...
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LACorrales said...

Got to get that chihuahua fixed!!!

Rick Rivers said...

LA! Yes, I thought she was too old for that kind of stuff!