Monday, September 14, 2009

Centesimal Entry: 100 and Going Strong

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This is my 100th entry, wow a mercurial feat for me! I had dreamed of spending time writing after my retirement but I never dreamed so much of it would take this form.

I always pictured it as real writing, like for a book or something, you know.

I admit there is some fat and grease here and there, but you must admit, there are also some morsels of carne asada, if you invest so time to taste, that I am hoping someone out there has digested.

But that's the odd part. Why do I continue? Why bother? What difference does it make? Is it vanity? Insanity? Who is it that stumbles by my posts? Old? Young? Male? Female? Cyber surfers looking for a wave or a fix?

The other day I actually received a comment from a young man in Taiwan who comlimented my blog. Whoa, a long way from Stockton, I believe.

The old "I write for myself" mantra isn't really working. I need some real food. I am starving.

I see other blogs with dozens of comments and responses, sometimes on inane entries worse than mine! But at least I can always count on my old buddy Dad #167, who celebrated his 100th entry not long ago, to add a thoughtful snippet to most of my entries. Thanks dad.

So, for you virtual readers in the great cyber void out there, feel free to felicitate me on this 100th entry if you are so inclined. If not, I shall assume you were just "too busy."

(P.S. Don't try to copy the 100 dollar bill above and print a few hundred for yourself to spend or you might be arrested. The FBI regualarly reads these Blogs I heard). I have always offered sound advice on my blog, but with a grain of salt and a little pepper. (chile pepper).

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#167 Dad said...

Congratulations! Sounds like #167 Dad is the #1 Chican-izmo fan. And darn it all, it's an honor.
I'm looking into self publishing. We should talk.

Rick Rivers said...

Sounds good. I have been doing some public type readings of my work for local venues like our library etc. Those are really fun.
(I even get paid once in a while!) I have a PA system, set it up and start reading. I'll be doing one in Oct. called "Cuentos: Tales From The Barrio", stories of my growing up in the 40's in a small barrio in Modesto. Keep well.

Coach BS said...

I've been thinking of doing public readings. I'm looking to start out with some open mike comedy nights. Thought about using background music and graphics. How did you get started? I'm guessing you approached the library. What other venues have you been using?
Your public readings would be a great blog topic.

Also, I'm looking to self publish The Spirit Guide BAr in 2010. I'm in the process of looking for an experienced professional editor. Do you have any connections?

Coach BS said...

Coach BS is me, Bill Sndyer (#167 Dad). I'm still fighting with the technology, Rick.

Rick Rivers said...

Good idea. Try connecting with any local colleges, high schools etc. and start by volunteering to do a reading. Instead of charging a fee, I ask for an "honorarium" with no set amount. It sounds nicer and I am often given $ or gift cards. I often contact community groups and offer to perform for their events.
Local book stores and museums, gallery openings are also good venues.
I like your idea of using background music. I have used guitar to back my poetry. Images would be great. One of my friends read her poetry accompanied by a conga player. It was neat.