Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elect Jose Hernandez For President!!

Wait a minute!! On second thought I take it back!! Being President would only cause more problems.
For starters, birthers would begin to say Jose "was not born in the U.S."

Then, ultra conservative talk show hosts would suggest that any attempt at immigration reform would benefit only his fellow Mexican constituents and those illegally in the country, that he would tear down the fences, replace immigration officers with travel agents, and offer a free Corona to all his compatriots, crossing the border.

Opponents of any type of Government Health Care Reform would quickly point out that since Hispanics are at bottom of economic ladder etc. they would be the ones who would most benefit from it and that President Hernandez' intent would be nothing less than a thinly masked retribution for perceived injustices against Mexicans in the "Mexican War" (1846-1848)", and for the U.S. "annexation" of half of Mexico's territory, including California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
I mean, enough is enough. Us Americans are already the scapegoat for a host of perceived injustices against others!

Any mention of affirmative action would be a clear attempt to give under qualified Latinos an unfair advantage for jobs and promotions over us hard-working, patriotic white guys. Oh, you didn't know the Mexicans are "white?"

Oh yes, by the way, there is no "Mexican Race", as many people, including some Mexicans and prone to believe. We are officially classified as Caucasian. I feel better already.

Nah, maybe we can elect Jose, for Mayor, or something less threatening to others, but President? Forget it. Besides, us white guys are always color blind and you can always count on us!

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#167 Dad said...

Interesting post, Rick.
As far as the whole ilegal immigration contraversy goes, I think the answer is pretty simple. Why can't we have a legitimate guest worker program like the rest of the first world countries???

I guess that was a question, but you get the point.