Friday, August 7, 2009

I Have Been Awarded The Manly Guy Blogger Award!

Schwarzenegger: Most muscularImage by d_vdm via Flickr

I humbly accept this award from my manly Blogger buddy, Dad #167, (Please read his Blog) though I have worked so hard to keep my manliness in check. But sometimes it is not so easy to hide. It has been a bit like Clark Kent in the phone booth leaping out when least expected.

But my machismo, manhood and masulinity is so obvious in my posts and I feel I am truly deserving of this bestowal (I am not humble) Please read Dad #167's entry to view the demanding qualifications for this award. I mean nowhere on my blog will you find songs like "Somehwere My Love" instead you'll hear "Warm Beer and Cold Women" by Tom Waits or "El Rey" (The King) by Vicente Fernandez! "I my haven't a throne or a queen, but I am still The King!" He boasts.

My further qualifications are "urinary hesitancy" and "flatulence" and I learned the Mexican mantra fully: "Los Hombres No LLoran" [Men do not cry] (says nothing about whimpering).

Again, my profound thanks to Dad #167 for this prestigious bestowal and DavidC, the founder of the award! and I send them and all the other Manly Bloggers out there "Un Abrazo" (a hug) but watchout - don't squeeze too hard!!


David C. said...

Congratulations upon joining the few, the happy few recipients of the MBGA. Click on this link to learn more about the origin of this prestigious award, and feel free to grab a copy of the badge--a bottle of Hai Karate.
Regarding hugging your fellow MBGs, please follow correct male hug protocol. Back slapping is required during the hug, and absolutely no contact below the chest is permissible.
-David C., Originator of the Manly Blogger Guy Award

Rick Rivers said...

Thanks David. The hugging advice is vital because you know people talk and rumors start. Will click on link to learn more and look forward to a dose of Hai Karate, souncs male already!

#167 Dad said...

Well Done, Rick.
Macho, muy macho!

Rick Rivers said...

Bill, we need to share a shot of teqila to seal the testosterone surge, que no? Mano a mano.