Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen

Yesterday's Gospel Reading was the powerful story in the Book of John about Thomas, the supreme doubter, doubting Thomas. When he scoffs the stories that Jesus has been raised from the dead, he boasts that he will not believe until he can put his hand into the wounds in Jesus' hands and side.

When the risen Jesus appears to him and challenges Thomas to put his hand into his wounds, the scoffing Thomas can only drop to his knees:
"My Lord and My God"
Doubters make the best believers when they see truth. Doubt appears to be the path to knowing. It is the mantra of science. The scientific method. Else God would have made us puppets who were programmed to believe, beings without free will.
However, HE's taking a big chance because many "Pendejos", fools, skeptics or disbelievers continue to doubt, even when they are banged over the head with the truth. Witness "The Flat Earth Society" in England. Or those who deny the Holocaust.
It is not easy to admit you were dead wrong about something. Is it pride? Stupidity? Both? Skeptics want things to fail just so they can show they were right all along. Witness the right wingers who can't wait for Obama to fail, even if it means their own demise, just to prove they were right!
My mother used to say "ere's un incredulo" (you are a disbeliever) when it came to religious stuff. I wanted proof that God existed, a miracle, a revelation, a sign. I have been right there alongside of Thomas most of my life.
Speaking of signs, one billboard just outside Modesto, alongside the 99 hwy. always posted religious messages and once beamed: " I would rather believe in Hell and be wrong, than not believe in Hell and be wrong!"
Hmmm. Interesting point. What have we to lose if we believe in a God that is good and wants only good from us, and then discover there is no God after we die? At least we would have lived a decent life. It seems to beat the odds at slot machines in Vegas?
"Thomas: you believe because you have seen. But blessed are they who have not seen, yet they believe."


#167 Dad said...

I always enjoy reading your postings.

By the way, isn't there a Hollow Earth Society as well?

Rick Rivers said...

Thanks. Don't know, but how about a Hollow Brain Society?