Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Avocado Resurrection

Years back, late 1960's, my wife and I lived in Oakland, California. One night we were invited to dinner at the home of a young anglo couple. After an enjoyable evening, some wine and good conversation, we left. As they walked us out alongside the driveway, our friends pointed to a large tree with "these dark colored things laying all over the ground. Do you know what they are?" Since it was dark, we had to pick up one of the fruits inspect it closely, and Dios Mio, the tree was loaded with avocados! Hijole, we couldn't believe it! We took a shopping bag full home and feasted for weeks to come.
About 8 years ago, I planted an avocado tree in my back yard hoping to harvest and enjoy its fruits during the summer months. Each year, the tree bloomed, but with the wind and hot weather, the flowers dried up, died, and fell off. I knew from experience that most fruit plants take several years before they bear fruit. Yet each year it was the same story. People gave me advice on pruning, and fertillizers and one guy even told me to strike a large nail into the base of the trunk and the iron would boost production but nada.
Last summer, I took an axe and went out into the yard with the intention of chopping down the tree! "I'm sick and tired of wasting time and water on this tree and nothing", I told my wife.
She looked at me with dismay and scolded "Don't chop it down. Give it another year and see what happens?" So I took the axe and put it away.
This summer, the tree has at least a dozen beautiful aguacates! They are ripening each day, and soon we hope to enjoy them. Do you suppose the tree heard me planning to chop it down? Quien Sabe. Dios Sabra. I really should thank it, que no?


elisavetbarajas said...

I love aguacates, I even have a dream to one day open a restaurant where everything has avocado! I say you have a special tree in your back yard!

Karla said...

And it gets better! The tree we have back home started giving aguacates YEAR ROUND!
Well, it's in LA so the weather is always nice - still once the tree gets bigger you'll see. Just watch out for the roots, I heard they can mess with pipes and the foundation.

Rick Rivers said...

Karla: Wow, year round! Yeah, LA weather is different from here in the valley. I remember seeing them all over the place down there.