Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For Because You Just Might Get It.

With all the OCCUPY THIS AND THAT stuff going on in the U.S. today, the obstinate refusal of participants to specify exactly who or what is being protested other than big government, banks and Wall St. is a little frightening.

Why are we so disenchanted with the so called 1%? What has happened to us is simply of product of our incestuous love with CAPITIALISM. We love it. We cherish it. We teach it. We worship it to the condemnation of every other system, especially Socialism.

Ironically, one the best example of successful Socialism might have been the early CHRISTIANS, who according to the Acts of The Apostles were prompted to put all of their possessions into a pile, to then be levied out according to those most in need. Whether it worked or lasted might well have depended on the morality and fairness of those deciding who the most needy were. One for you, 19 for me?

Seems to me that any system on its face, is amoral and can only become moral, if its proponents are moral. Any moral system can be corrupted by immoral servants of that system. Conversely, do you suppose an inherently immoral system might actually become moral if moral individuals administer it?

So, if we succeed in bringing it all down, Wall St., the Banks, the giant corporations with nothing carefully thought out to replace it with, were are traveling headlong into ANARCHY, a most frightening and disastrous prospect.

I would caution the well-intentioned and those who just like the idea of protesting as adventurous, to occupy their mind with looking up the word ANARCHY, and study a little about those societies and nations of the past who succeeded in bringing it upon themselves.

And even Anarchy could work, but it would depend on moral and responsible adherents, which at present Americans seem to be woefully short on, especially the younger generation.

Dios Mio, we just might get what we ask for.

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#167 Dad said...

Good stuff, Rick. Thoreau said something about a government that governs best govers not at all. And he believed we ould one day get there. Before we get there, we must become a population that is educated and ethical. Sorry Hank, we still ain't there.

As far as our beloved capitalism goes, I believe the system is destroying our country. Corporations are sociopathiic in nature; they care nothing about the Americn people, yet our represntatives in congress and even the white house seem to worship these corporations. Arghhh.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rick.