Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arizona: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!

Alfredo Bedoya, famous Mexican actor said it best when he confronts Humphrey Bogart, gringo fortune hunter in the classic film, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" who asks the quintessential (and stereotypical) Mexican Bandido, swarthy, greasy, sweaty in a dirty sombrero with a knick in it: "Who are you?"

"We are the Federales."
"Well, if you're the Federales where's your badges?"
"Badges? Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no stinkin' badges!!"

A recent Arizona legislation gives police the right to demand proof that any person stopped (Betcha' they'll only be Mexicans) for "reasonable suspicion" of having committed a crime must present a document proving they're in the country legally!

But we were staunchly reassured by Arizona's Governor that all of this can be "reasonably" done without racial profiling. Oh, yeah?

Dios Mio, geev me a brake!

Worse, even if the person (Mexican) is here legally but cannot produce proof, he can be detained until it is all cleared up! Oh, no problema just tell your boss you missed last week because you were "detained".

Where in the hell are the Tea Party people when you need them? They, of course will be first on the lines to protest this dismal law since they heartily stand against any intrusion by government against the rights of individuals. Oh, I guess they only do this when the rights of (Americanos) have been violated, right?  But they are mad. Mad as hell.

For most Republicans, Immigration Reform means "round em' up, and ship em' out." All 12 million of them. And of course, Secure the Border which really means hiring more immigration officers and building more and higher fences.

But even the Great Wall of China was breached by marauding armies.

For most Democrats, Immigration Reform means, having the 12 million "get in line" for eventual legalization which opponents "reasonably" call Amnesty. And then tax the hell out of em'!

Maybe, if we curbed our appetite for illegal drugs, sales of guns, and cheap labor it would help.

Meanwhile all the mess is cleared up, we are mad. Mad as Hell. And we don't need no stinkin' badges either!



Good post. Sabes Que, they are already feeling the wrath of the people with the boycotts. The point has been made many times that the Tea Baggers are selective in the TYPE of intrusion that they will accept. If it affects brownie, then they are all for it. Incidently, I grew up in E.L.A in the Estrada Courts projects so it's good to see Chicano activism still like the murals in East Los Angeles.

Rick Rivers said...

Orale, Thanks Is. Yeah, education plays a big part. We got to read, watch the news, tune in to what's going on and use our own gifts to further the causa.

#167 Dad said...

The law is an attempt to create scapegoats for the collapsed Arizona economy.The powers that be don't want to end illegal immigration in Arizona. And they don't want a guest worker program. They want the status quo, cheap illegal labor for the tourism, restaurant and construction industries.If the boneheads in charge of this state really wanted to stop illegal immigration tey would hold employers responsihble. Former middle class Arizona workers are competing for the lower wage jobs. At some point Mexico is going to need to look at building her economy to provide jobs for the poor while America needs to look for ways to rebuild her middle class.
What do you think, Rick?