Monday, November 23, 2009

747: Join Your Local Campus Atheist Club

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Just read about a girl in a campus Atheist club who said "very few people know we exist."

Funny, that's exactly what God says.

I wonder what they do at their meetings? Convince one another of their non beliefs?

If they fund raise, what do they do with "In God We Trust" engraved on bills?

I hope they give them back.

I wonder if they proselytize? Pass out flyers on corners? Baptize? Preach? Take up collections at their meetings.

Have they ever read Camus, Sartre?

There's still the old argument that the chances that life is just one big accident are as good as tossing a boxful of nuts and bolts into the air and having them fall to the ground as a 747.

I Read a billboard once that read: "I'd rather believe in Hell and be wrong than not believe in Hell and be wrong."

We really don't have much to lose if we lived our life believing in a God that doesn't exist. We just might have lived better lives, who knows?

But we would have missed a lot of parties....

I've always wondered if there is any difference is in asking "Do you believe in God?" or "Do you believe in a God?"

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serabearah said...

It’s wonderful that you have such strong faith but I think you’re wrong to criticize that Atheist group. I don’t see how that club is more out of place than a bible study. They’re both groups of people with similar views who get together and discuss/talk about their morals and ideas. They don't do anything bad a church group doesn't do. I also resent the fact that our bills are marked with ‘In God We Trust’, that is not of Church and State which is very important if we want to keep an unbiased and fair government. Who would they give the money back to? A church? How is that right, they didn’t earn the money just because it has G-d’s name on it. And Atheists aren’t the only ones having fun at parties.

Rick Rivers said...

Thanks for responding. In part I was just being sarcastic. I worked in a college for years and have seen all kinds of student groups come and go. As for the bills, the way we use money belies the IGWT phrase anyway. We just went through the Jesus in Christmas debate all over again and we don't seem to get closer to agreeing.