Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To Me....

Celebrated my 70th Birthday yesterday rather uneventfully, though there was an unofficial celebration for me on Sunday.

My wife would not hear of just letting the day pass without food, family, friends and cake. My two sons were here, the grand kids, some dear friends and a couple of our neighbors.
We feasted on barbecue ribs, beans, rice, and green salad. Most, even took doggie bags home after the party.

In the afternoon, my son Miguel and I had gone shopping for the cake and other odds 'n ends for the party. As we unloaded the shopping cart at the counter, I happened to look down at the two candles my son was purchasing for the cake. and seeing the numbers "7" and "0" there gave me a chill. It was a snap to blow them out. After the traditional birthday song, my compadre and good friend Julian led the old timers in a verse of "Happy Trails", most appropriate, I thought.

"Ya, look good, you look good (for 70)" several of my friends repeated. "No wonder I feel tired", I replied. I wonder what I am going to be when I grow up? What have I accomplished? Wasted? I have composed my epitaph: "He coulda' been better, but he coulda' been worse." I think about these things more and more these days.

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*AnairA* said...

Family, Friends & Food, sounds like perfect way to bring in a new year of life! happy belated birthday :)