Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miracle Cure For Snoring!!

Picking up the thread of my last post concerning my incredible nose for sniffing out a good deal, I happened by the 99 Cents store yesterday and spied this couldn't-pass- up-cure for snoring for 99 cents!
Though I have never heard myself, my wife insists that when I snore, I gargle like dirty water going down a half-stopped up drain, to the point she often edges off into the adjoining bedroom to sleep in peace.
Last nite, carefully following the instructions on the label I gargled a capful about 30 seconds before nodding out. When I woke up to urinate about an hour later, my wife was gone! I guess it didn't work. But what do you expect for 99 cents?


#167 Dad said...

Hey Rick,
30 minutes of gargling??? Wow, that's a lot of word -and alll for naught.
You may or may not want to tell your wife about Mrs. 167 Dad's sure fire method of dealing with a snoring husband. She hits me in the head with a shoe. Works every time, man...

Rick Rivers said...

Whoops! I meant 30 seconds! I'll suggest the shoe thing to my wife.