Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Can't Win: The Road Taken (After Robert Frost)

On one dark and cloudy day
when into the forest I did roam,
the singular path I had chosen
branched into three among the trees.
And as I pondered which to take
all seemed of equal importance to me;
So I gazed down each as far as I could
but I, being just one traveler, could
only wander one you see.
If I choose the one on the left,
what if a Mountain Lion should accost
and rip me to shreds? Or the one on
the right, and a Bear maul me to bits?
Or what if the center one should
lead me to a rocky cliff, and I slip and fall
to my death? And as I agonized over
which path to take, pondering the
possibilities, a giant rock from the
cliff above, fell on my head
crushing me to death!

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