Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chicano Haikus: One Hand Clapping

Never Seem To Learn
Bold Gringo there
"I just love hot peppers", he says
Jalapeno strikes again!
In the garden
corn cobs hide.
Tortilla maker comes!
Cultural Conflict
You make footballs.
We make Chicharrones!
Chicano Hangover
Man in pain there.
Bowl of Menudo.
"No mas", he vows.
Chicano Nightmare #1
Light skinned
Jose Sanchez on the beach
squeezing Coppertone there.
Northern Delight
Hot from the stove
A flour tortilla
butter dripping from the ends.
Hamburger Helper
Her hamburger comes
Woolworth lunch counter.
Jalapeno from my mother's purse.
Supply and Demand
One bean burrito
for two Baloney sandwiches
even trade at lunch!
Chicano Nightmare #2
Short, dark-skinned Jose there.
"Como te llamas?" He's asked.
"No espiko di Spanich", he says.
Chicano Nightmare #3
Pedro went to Pete
Maria to Mary
Jose to Joe!
Chicano Nightmare #4
Jose, Concha, Pedro and Margarita
all listen intently
Black rapper on Cinco de Mayo!
Brown Dreamer #1
On the hot desert borderland
A rattler slithers
The body of an illegal alien.
Brown Dreamer #2
To a plump round belly
Maria takes a kitchen knife.
Baby oozes out in a land of plenty.
Brown Dreamer#3
On a hot summer night
a siren wails.
Mario on life support.


richard said...

Writer, Poet, Painter, Teacher
Cool Dude
Freckles on a Mexican!

Rick Rivers said...

Yick: Love your poem!