Friday, September 19, 2008

The On Going Saga of Cho & Lo

George Lopez For President

Lo: Hey, Cho what do you think about Sara Palin?
Cho: Never heard of the Ruca, who is she?
Lo: Who is she!? She is running for Vice President with that vato McCain!
Cho: Running for what? Who the hell is McCain? She probably running alright,
running from the law! (cracks up)
Lo: Este vato (sarcastically). McCain is running for President!!
Cho: (annoyed) I dunno why they keep running these gente who are unknown.
They should go back to running famous Hollywood people, like movie stars.
Lo: Movie stars? Get serious, homes.
Cho: Simon, like those vatos Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Americans like famous people. Just look at Arnold's muscles, ese.
Lo: Yeah, but muscles don't make you a good Governor, vato. Who do you think
should run for President?
Cho: They oughta run the Lopez'. Now they would win for sure.
Lo: What Lopez'?
Cho Yeah dude, George and Jennifer Lopez.
Lo: Orale, Jennifer... now I'd vote for her! She has a nice set of...
Cho: Eyes. (Both laugh) Yeah, and George Lopez could make us all laugh!
Lo: Seriously, Vato who you gonna vote for? I bet you ain't even registered!
Cho: Registered? Simon loco, I ain't no illegal alien, if that's what you mean!
Lo: Este vato (distressed). Are you Democrat or Republican?
Cho: Chale homes, I'm a registered... Vato Loco, y que?
Lo: You'e a loco, alright. Mucho loco en la cabeza!! (cracks up)

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